Green Lifestyle Tips: Creating Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

It’s that time of year, again…time for spring cleaning! Unfortunately, many products and chemicals that we use to make our homes sparkle and gleam can be harmful to the environment, our families, and ourselves.  Here are some recipes for effective household cleaners that are easy and cheap to make, and gentle on the environment! Basic … Continue reading

The Greenhouse, Part II

A few weeks ago we planted some of our first seeds in our newly renovated greenhouse.  A bit more than two weeks later, you can already see the new plants shooting up.  Despite being a chilly day, the greenhouse manages to stay quite hot. Below, you can see water droplets that have held on to … Continue reading

Rocket Launch

We’ve had some beautiful weather here this weekend, and a number of guests had the opportunity to build and launch a model rocket!  Rocket building is one of our more frequent weekend activities, and is always a guest favorite.  With perfect weather and early morning sun, it was a great day for everyone to watch … Continue reading